We arrived safely in Japan yesterday morning at around 11am. The flight was okay except for a very scary landing and strange food (we used Aeroflot, a Russian airline). Now it is 10pm on Thursday evening and we are finally checking our email and I can update my blog! It is surreal being back in Japan and I feel like I am dreaming. After we arrived, our missionary friend Mark Bennett picked us up, cooked us a delicious lunch, and took us to a hotel that cost only 3,000 yen (about $35) per night. After taking a nap, we spent the evening with the Bennetts at the local mall. Today we spent the day walking all over Tokyo and enjoying the sights. We went to Meiji shrine (and saw two bridal processions) a beautiful park and saw lots of interesting things. However, it took a few hours to find a prepaid phone. Some branches don’t even sell them so we had to go to the giant main branch near Harajuku station. Buying a prepaid phone is very easy to do in the US or Germany but it was very difficult for us to find a reasonable phone. Our number is  080-4432-5527 if anyone in Japan is reading this and would like to call us. It’s free to receive calls but 90 yen a minute to make a call.

I wish I were adjusting easily, but truthfully it feels very strange to be back in Japan again. I don’t mind speaking Japanese all the time, but I really miss Germany badly. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I arrived, but hopefully I will adjust to being back in a few days. My first impression is that Japan is way too polite and stiff. I am not used to having to be so formal and polite with people, especially after having lived in Berlin. Anyway, I do love speaking Japanese all the time and am adjusting to hearing it everywhere I go!

Very good news!! We just received an email from a Japanese woman we met in Berlin about a volunteer opportunity to work with children in evacuation centers in Tome-shi and Minami-sanriku, two of the worst-hit areas in northeast Japan. We pray this is the opportunity we have been praying so hard about! I started to cry when I got the email. This is exactly what we have been longing to do, to work with kids. Anyway, I have to run because it is late and I am exhausted from so much walking. I’ll post as we are able. If you are reading this and interested in praying, please pray for guidance for us and for my mom who has pneumonia and has to care for my dad who has Alzheimer’s and is a real challenge to care for when she is so weak.