I love being back in Japan. The first two days were really weird, but today I felt really at ease and happy to be back. Perhaps it is because we’ve spent the day with close friends and that eased my heart and mind a great deal. I think the initial shock of life in Japan has worn off – hooray! It took a while for my eyes to adjust to the simple fact that everyone is Asian! Also, hearing and seeing Japanese everywhere was a bit overwhelming but nice. I wish my Japanese were better than it is, but thankfully Matthias’ Japanese is so fluent that is makes up for what I lack in language ability.

Tonight we met with leaders from World Vision who invited us to work at a Child Friendly Center in northern Japan in a place called Tome City. The children are coming from a horribly devastated city called Minami-Sanriku, a place not far from Kesennuma and Ishinomaki (two places you might have seen or heard on the news).

We head to Sendai on Monday (my birthday!) and we’ll start helping at the Child Center on Wednesday. We’ll be doing lots of activities with the kids, including sports, games, art therapy, and various large events (such as Children’s Day which is on 5-5). There are many logistical problems in the evacuation center, including the fact that there is little or no space for the kids to play. Also, the old people will be really bothered if we make too much noise but the kids are so restless and need to move and play. I really cannot say what we will experience…only God knows what lies ahead.

If you want to see photos, click this link (Matthias is great about posting our photos online):