Life rolls on, and I am enjoying catching up with lots of old friends. One thing I love about being an international person is all the beautiful languages. Yesterday, for example, I spent the afternoon speaking Spanish with Mexican friends (rusty, but still functional enough to chatter on for a few hours) and Japanese in the evening. I also love that there are actually times I speak to Matthias in Japanese and he responds in German. I often think to myself that our future household is going to be a real hodgepodge/ jumble of languages – German, English, Japanese, and hopefully Spanish if we can manage that somehow. When I lived in Germany, I was always so impressed by how many people I met who spoke three or four languages fluently. I love being able to speak various languages, not because I’m great at it, but because it means having more friends!

Here are a few recent highlights – my Nana’s birthday, cooking Japanese food, and the U2 concert in Philly!

You just never know if my grandma is going to have a good or bad day so we were thrilled she was in such a wonderful, smiley mood on her birthday.

Yes, she was born on the 4th of July in 1917. The blue and red icing freaked me out a bit (you never see that in Germany or Japan), but after I scraped it all off, the cake wasn’t so bad.

We had a blast making okonomiyaki with our friends John and Christy. It’s called a Japanese pancake, and it’s basically a mixture of egg and cabbage topped with bacon, sauce, fish flakes, seaweed flakes, and mayo. We hope to cook Japanese meals with our friends all summer long as we tell stories about our time in Japan after the tsunami/ earthquake.

We really enjoyed going to see U2 in concert on Thursday night. The concert was totally awesome and I loved hearing all my favorite songs – “One,” “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” “Mysterious Ways,” “With or Without You,” “Where the Streets Have No Name,” “Beautiful Day” and many more.

Bono’s enthusiasm amazed me – he was leaping and whirling all over the stage like a teenager!

The stage was really interesting, reminding me of a giant crab.

Before the concert began, there were all sorts of sobering statistics running across the giant screen. You can see one of the statistics: “HIV/ AIDS infected people: 33.6 million.” A lot of the statistics were just horrible and I appreciated the gentle reminder to simply care about injustice and suffering in the world.

Bono and his steering wheel microphone

We were TOTALLY in the nosebleed section, so I was quite impressed that Matthias’ camera took such great shots. Thanks to Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara, Japan!

Bono and the Edge

This photo really impressed us with how good Matthias’ camera really is.

We’re enjoying our time in the US, although it’s taken me a while to get used to being back. I suppose that wherever we are, we’ll always be missing friends!