Day trip to Brigantine Beach – our dear friends had a beach house!

What a fun day! After we left the beach, we enjoyed a wonderful home-cooked meal and then pigged out on caramel corn while we watched “The Bachelorette.”

I love this kid!!! (Y. was our flower girl and she’s like my Japanese little sister.) We’ve had so much fun with her and her brother going to Chuck E. Cheese’s twice, going book shopping, eating lunch at IKEA, shopping at Target, and playing endless rounds of “Guess Who?” She always beats me at “Guess Who?”!

I haven’t been posting much because our lives have been revolving around my dear parents and enjoying precious times with our closest friends.  Living abroad makes you soooo grateful for the times when we are in the US. Home, sweet home! It is so awesome to be reunited with family and friends when you’ve been separated from them by thousands of miles. I have never appreciated my parents more and Matthias and I love caring for them in any way we possibly can.

My dad continues to do fairly well, but his main problem is his unsteadiness. He took a bad fall on Wednesday as he was trying to get out of a chair and we spent the evening in the ER. Thankfully, he is fine aside from a very nasty wound on his arm. We are in the process of trying to find a new neurologist at Jefferson Hospital and hope to get a third opinion about whether dad really has Alzheimer’s or not. Since dad was taken off two toxic medications to treat Alzheimer’s, he is much more lucid and able to express himself very clearly, although it takes him time to get out what he wants to say. He’s also been sleeping for longer periods of time and his insomnia is ironically getting better since we’ve taken him off the sleeping pills (Unisom).

I am so thankful he’s so sweet and calm these days. Since going off those two awful meds, he is rarely as aggressive, rude, nasty, and demanding as he used to be (which was terrible for my mother). It’s very sweet to take him by the hand and go through a stroll through the house with him. He still has a good sense of humor and makes us laugh quite often. As awful as it can be to see your parents grow weak and frail, there is also a sense of joy when I see mom and dad laugh, smile, enjoy a meal I cooked, and especially when my dad kisses my mom. I am ever so thankful for friends, family, and my dear husband.