The view from our apartment window

I first I started this blog so that my friends in the U.S. could see what I was doing in Nagoya Japan. Now I find myself living in a picturesque village in Germany, and I am glad to see that “somebody” out there continues to read my little blog!

Life in Germany – I genuinely enjoy being back in Germany and I love being fully immersed in the German language day after day. My listening comprehension is getting better day by day and I am able to pick up more and more words. Just as I did in Japan, I ALWAYS carry a small notebook and a German-English dictionary with me wherever I go and record all the new words that I learn as soon as I hear them; this particular method works well for me only because I have such a photographic memory – when I am struggling to recall a word, I can usually have to close my eyes so that I can see the word in my mind’s eye.

One small thing I really want to mention – Matthias and I decided to “try out” a semi-vegan lifestyle, a plant-based diet. We eat no meat whatsoever, but we still eat eggs and fish once a week. Why the sudden change? After watching two amazing documentaries about food and talking with Matthias at length about our eating habits I was 100% ready to make the change. The bottom is that I do not want to die of cancer, diabetes, or a heart attack, take a bunch of medications when I’m older, or have high cholesterol due to unhealthy eating habits. Both movies document the link between our Western diet and diseases. I highly recommend these two documentaries, both available on Netflix as instant downloads. They are good introduction to why we aren’t eating meat and why, at the very least, we are eating a lot more fruits and veggies than ever before.

If you happen to watch and enjoy “Forks over Knives” you should definitely read the accompanying book, “The China Study: “The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted (just click on the title to go to”

Aside from that, this was a tough week for me because my father took a very bad spill and wound up in the hospital for a few days. It was extremely difficult for me to not be there at my parents’ side after having spent the past few months with them. I was able to hold back my flood of tears until I talked to my dad on the phone and he expressed how much he misses us and longs for us to be home. After I hung up I started bawling – I was soooo glad for my husband’s comforting hugs. My big consolation is that we are going to NJ for Christmas and I hope that it will be a wonderful time for us all.