I am so thankful that we arrived safely back to Germany yesterday morning. The flight went by very quickly, and because my headphones didn’t work I received 5,000 free Skymiles from Delta airlines. We are in Dusseldorf until Friday while Matthias helps out his dad at a huge trade show. I’m looking forward to reading a lot of books at local cafes and exploring Dusseldorf until we leave Friday night.

However, it was very painful to leave my parents on Monday. I sobbed my way out the front door which I have never done in all these years of traveling. For my mother’s sake, I usually hold any pent-up tears until the plane is taking off but I was a weepy mess for several hours before, during, and after our departure from NJ. I am okay now, but I think this time was especially hard since I’d gotten used to seeing my parents every day and would miss them so terribly.

I look back with extreme joy at our time in NJ these past few weeks. We enjoyed so many precious moments with my parents, ones that I will always cherish for the rest of my life. Among my favorite moments was giving mom and dad a final concert on my childhood piano that we sold for $25. We desperately needed more space in the living room and while it was sad to see it go, it’s definitely a lot better without the piano. Dad was singing along as I played lots of golden oldies, which made me smile through my tears.

The weather was unseasonably warm during our last week in NJ, sometimes around 60 degrees. It felt like the beginning of spring and I enjoyed getting out and about, getting lots of good exercise. I even had the air conditioner turned on in the car one morning because it was so warm!

In case I haven’t mentioned this on my blog, Matthias and I are hoping to be back in Japan this summer, although my parents’ frail health may change our plans. We really have no idea how things are going to work out, but I trust that God is going to help us to figure out what to do in the future. It would be so nice to be back to Japan, where we plan to be for a season of our lives, but perhaps God has other plans, namely caring for my parents. I’ll keep you posted on how things turn out.

I’ll also try to post some photos in the next few days. I just need some time to rest and recuperate after a very busy past few weeks.