As Matthias and I make plans to go back to Japan, we were talking about how much fun it will be have friends visiting us from abroad (even though apartments in Japan are usually very small). If possible, we would like to have enough space for guests to stay with us. For all of our friends reading this, come and visit us in Japan – seriously! We cannot guarantee you a comfortable bed (but rather a futon on the floor) but we can guarantee you a very interesting and fascinating time with two people who love Japan. I had three friends visit me during my time in Nagoya and their visits were exhausting but a ton of fun! It was so amazing to see Japan afresh through their eyes. Thanks again to Kaya and John and Christy, all friends from New Jersey, for making the long journey across the ocean to visit me (just click on their names to read about their trips).

Here are two videos:

Japan in 30 seconds

Mike Matas, a designer at facebook, went to Japan for a week last November and he compiled the 4,000 photos he took into a splendid and breathtaking video.

If these videos whet your desire to visit Japan, come visit us!