Matthias and I arrived safely to Japan on Friday night. We’ve been busy every moment with meeting friends, both new and old, and we are simply delighted to be back in Japan. I feel as though I’ve gotten my tongue back, so to speak (now I am able to communicate once again) and my husband is surprised at how incredibly chatty I’ve been during these past two days.:)

We have been staying with a lovely missionary couple and enjoyed two full days of non-stop talking and sharing with them and with some other new friends (like the family in this photo). Last night I got to spend the evening with two of my best Japanese girlfriends and I was happy as can be.

our new friends, the Nakazawa family

Enjoying monja & okonomiyaki with old friends

This week we are going to go to Nagoya for two days to submit a renewal application for Matthias’ visa and then drive up to Ishinomaki on Thursday morning for two weeks. We are hoping to find housing and to meet with a good number of people to see how we can help with relief efforts. I am so thankful we’ve been able to contact the mother of one of the kids we met last May! We are looking forward to seeing this precious little boy and his family who survived the deadly tsunami.

Matthias and I are so excited to see how God is going to unfold his plan for our lives during the coming weeks and months. We have so many exciting things going during our two weeks here in Japan that I feel like every day is like a new Christmas present to unwrap. I am amazed at how much peace I have about our future even though we have no idea where we’ll be living or exactly what we’ll be doing!  God is revealing our future to us in small pieces, and I think that it’s better this way. If He told us everything that was going to happen, I think we’d definitely be prone to lean on God a lot less. Anyway, those are my thoughts at 1am! Off to bed and I’ll write another update in a few more days once we arrive in Ishinomaki.