Matthias and I have been on the road for almost two weeks visiting family and spending time with friends visiting from New Jersey. We had a very blessed visit with our German family but we had to say some very sad and painful goodbyes. As excited as we are about moving to northeast Japan, saying farewell to our families is by far the hardest part of living abroad. Honestly speaking, we are greatly comforting by looking forward to heaven (where there will be no more goodbyes ever again).

Our friends arrived from NJ on Monday and tonight was our final evening together. In the past week we’ve been to Heidelberg, Marburg, Wittenberg, Eisanach, Buchenwald concentration camp, and Berlin. We’ve been to lots of museums, walked in historic towns, and learned many new things about German history. We are still in Berlin for a few more days and then we will head back to our home in Hessen and prepare to go to NJ on June 5th. Here are just a few photos from the past two weeks (there are so many more but it’s bedtime).
Matthias and one of his brothers, Andi
having fun shopping with mama-in-law
beautiful view in Heidelberg

John and Christy enjoying wonderful German food (note that it’s white asparagus season)
Wittenberg & Luther statute

This is the gate where prisoners entered the Buchenwald concentration camp. Visiting Buchenwald was truly one of the most important and meaningful things I’ve ever done. There really are no words to adequately describe our visit there, yet I feel that I ought to to write an entire post about our visit there.