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This was definitely one of those weeks. It has been a very wild and crazy emotional roller coaster of a week, but thankfully things in my household seem to be calming down. The main issue has to do with my father’s rapidly declining health and the pressing need for him to enter a long-term care facility ASAP. He can no longer eat, walk, feed himself, bathe, or use the bathroom without a ton of assistance. It was a very difficult decision for my mother, but she finally decided that long-term care would be the best for dad. We visited a lovely facility yesterday, and I am currently drowning in Medicaid/ long-term care applications – yuck! It’s not that hard to apply, but gathering the dozens and dozens of necessary items for Medicaid is incredibly time-consuming. Our family is thankful for many loving and supportive family members, friends, and neighbors and a very kind Medicaid representative for our county. Seeing my dad enter a long-term care facility is very sad, but at the same time it is a huge relief to know that he’ll be well taken care of by a good staff in an excellent facility. The place has so many wonderful and positive things including 24-7 medical care, daily bathing, healthy meals, loads of activities, and even a hairdresser. We are hopeful that dad can enter in the next 7-14 days if he is approved – we’ll see how things turn out. I don’t think I will have much time to blog until then!

Sunset shot
Picnic with Japanese friends