Long time no post! Sorry for the lack of posts but there simply isn’t time for blogging right now. We are still hoping and praying that dad will be admitted into a long-term care facility in Blackwood, NJ in the very near future. We took dad to visit last week and have decided as a family that this will definitely be the place he will enter. He liked the place very much and we were surprised to find out that the admissions officer worked with my dad over 20 years ago and remembers him well as “the man who ran around in a tuxedo and was nice to everybody.” It’s been a painful time for our family to see dad come to a place where he can no longer be in his own house but we know he’ll be in a great place with a reputable staff of doctors, nurses, and caregivers.

Taking a tour of the facility with mom & dad

We managed to take a day trip to Lancaster and have seen friends here and there. Here are a few photos:

A view of beautiful Lancaster

In front of my favorite market in the world, Bird-in-Hand

visiting with friends

With Matthias’ former host family (from when he was a high school exchange student in PA)

We are still planning on moving to Japan at the end of this month so I am certain there will be MORE than plenty to blog about after we return to Japan.