I can hardly believe we’ll be in Japan in about 10 days from today! It’s extremely hard to think of anything except my parents these days. We’ve been working so hard to do everything possible to get my father into a long-term care facility ASAP. Last week, I finally managed to hand in a huge stack of materials: my father’s lengthy application for Medicaid. However, last Friday our hopeful plans hit a huge snag because the facility we were planning to take my father to filled up unexpectedly; in other words, there were no beds available for my dad. My mom and I were so upset, disappointed, and shocked, but I believed that God would work out the situation somehow. Yesterday my dad complained of severe pain in his kidneys so he went to the ER; turns out dad has a kidney infection and the hospital is keeping him for a few days to treat him with IV antibiotics. In the meantime we are trying to see if there is any way dad can be transferred directly to a long-term care facility after he is discharged from the hospital. I had been hoping so much that we’d be able to move dad into a long-term care facility before we left NJ but that doesn’t seem very likely. We are taking things one day at a time and remain hopeful that God is going to work things out somehow. I still have to pack and do so many things before we leave – it’s going to be a crazy couple of days before we leave, I’m sure.