Well, it’s Friday night and my dear father is still in the hospital due to a high heart rate and breathing problems. Thankfully, he has a bed reserved for him at the long-term care facility; today my mom and I brought his brand-new television and most of his clothes to his new room. The doctors at the hospital said he will probably be discharged tomorrow after lunch – how I hope so! I switched my flight so that I could stay two extra days. Matthias has already gone ahead of me to the west coast and I have a 6:25am flight Sunday morning – it’ll be a VERY long day on Sunday!

Tonight I spent the evening gathering photos and framing several of the best ones to decorate his room. As I look at photos of my dad in his youth, I am deeply moved to think of the brevity of life. I am also profoundly grateful to my parents for all they have sacrificed to give me such a wonderful, blessed life.

Honestly speaking, the past six weeks have been some of the most challenging, physically exhausting, stressful, frustrating, and painful weeks of my life…and yet some of the richest and best EVER. Through the tears, such as crying in my dear husband’s arms to see my dad failing before my eyes, I also see so much to be thankful for in my dad’s life. He has loved ones who care for him deeply and we’ve had so much support from family and friends! It’s interesting to think that before right  before going to Japan life has been so stressful and difficult. I believe that God has definitely been upholding me hour by hour and I am learning afresh how GOOD and FAITHFUL and COMPASSIONATE God is through the most difficult and painful of times. It has been a good lesson to re-learn over and over again each new day!

One of the best moments of the past weeks happened the other day. I was simply staring at my dad in his hospital bed and smiled at him. He looked at me and said, “I love you. I really love you.” That moment was worth a hundred million gazillion very bad moments. As sad as it is to think that my dad will never return to his own home,  I am so thankful that he is entering a facility with a wonderful reputation. It might be a rough adjustment for my mom at first, but hopefully in time she will be able to see that this is the best choice for dad and for her. Well, it’s very late now so I had better run – I still have packing to do!

me as a kid (when dad was my #1 superhero)