Matthias and I are currently at a conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand! We have very limited internet access so I won’t be able to write a full blog post for another week or so. It is my first time in Thailand and I am very impressed with the natural beauty of this country. We are enjoying our time here very much and learning a lot during the teaching times. I feel so thankful that I am able to travel to another country in Asia besides Japan. On a superficial level, I have to admit I am loving all the yummy and inexpensive Thai food, especially Pad Thai noodles, fruit smoothies, and fresh mangoes with sticky rice.

One thing that has been heavy on my heart: my dad was denied Medicaid (which would pay for the nursing home fees) until my parents spend down more money to a certain level in order to qualify. It has been really hard trying to take care of these things from abroad, especially mailing forms and doing paperwork. Hopefully he will be approved in the next month or so, but I must admit that this whole process has been very confusing and difficult. I would definitely appreicate prayers for this process.