Ah, there’s no place like home. We arrived back to our apartment on Thursday and we’ve been incredibly busy ever since our return. I am grateful for just a few moments to blog.

Well, I think I will take a minute to answer a question we are frequently asked by friends and family: “So, what are your daily lives like in Ishinomaki?” The short answer is that every day and every week is very different. Generally speaking, we partner with several other Christian groups and participate in various neighborhood events during the week – some are regular weekly or bi-weekly events and others are very spontaneous (such as parties, barbeques, etc.). Some gatherings are small and others are quite large (one weekly event attracts 60+ people). We also try to spend as much time as possible with folks on an individual level through sharing meals, having tea, and enjoying conversations. Our new friends are of all ages, ranging from college age to elderly folks. I suppose I had to sum up our life here in Japan it would be that we’re doing lots and lots of relationship-building.

We are so, so thankful for all the wonderful folks we can partner with in Ishinomaki. We are never working alone but are well-connected with so many other people who are also committed to serving the people here. Our closest partnership is with the folks in this photo:With our team members in Thailand, enjoying a meal with Dr. Gene Wilson, co-author of Global Church Planting.

I will try to post more photos in the coming days but it’s a bit hard to find a free hour or two to sit down and select photos and write a good post. I will do my best, though!