Pardon the lack of blog posts but we’ve been overly busy with meeting friends,  traveling to Nagoya for several days, moving into a new apartment (again!), and the arrival of a short-term worker named Tobias who will be with us for one year.  The apartment we were in for the past month or so was intended for Tobias; we did a switcheroo this past weekend and are in a brand new place located in the same apartment complex. I am really enjoying our new apartment although the reason that everything is sparkling and brand new is that the whole first floor was destroyed by the tsunami and had to be completely renovated from top to bottom. I have been having lots of fun decorating our place and arranging our things to make the place look homey. Tonight we took a gift of German cookies to our neighbors across the street (this is a common custom in Japan). They have a beautiful large home and three kids; we hope to get to know them better in the coming months and years.

An interesting story: Yesterday I was at the supermarket and saw a young lady who looked very Latin American. So, even though it’s not easy for me to talk with strangers, I went right up to this young mom and her adorable little son and started a conversation (in Spanish). To my surprise she told me they are from Peru! She introduced me to her mother (who is Japanese-Peruvian) and the three of us talked for a very long time. They told me how they survived the tsunami in nearby Onnagawa and now live in temporary housing. What stories they told! It was rather surreal speaking Spanish in the middle of a supermarket in Japan but I enjoyed it very much. I hope I see them again very soon – such a sweet family. I think it’s funny that I manage meet lots of Latinos everywhere we move to whether it’s the U.S., Germany, or Japan!
I hope to write a post in the next few days with lots of photos but I can’t make any promises. I am looking forward to having more time to blog!