Photo from day trip to Zao – glorious fall colors and a waterfall!

I only have a few minutes to write but I am thankful that my family in NJ is fine and only experienced loss of power for a short time due to Hurricane Sandy. Matthias and I are headed to a team retreat tomorrow morning and are both really excited! As soon as we return on Friday, I will have to pack again since I am going to NJ for a few weeks by myself. I fly out of Narita on Sunday night with a layover in L.A. While I am extremely excited to see my family, I am going to miss my husband terribly. I am going home to re-apply for Medicaid for my father and I don’t know how long it will take. I have a one-way ticket home in case it winds up taking much longer than anticipated. While I am home I will get to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents which is simply delightful to think about! I will probably also get to experience a little of American Christmas festivities before I return to Japan. I adore Christmas for a million reasons – I am already playing Christmas music every day! Well, I am off to bed and look forward to a great three days with our wonderful teammates.