I am still in New Jersey, waiting for word from the local Medicaid office. I hope that I hear back soon! I would prefer not to leave NJ until this whole matter of Medicaid approval is finally settled (for the sake of my own sanity). Matthias is finally here with me for which I am overjoyed! I love being with my parents and have developed a routine of visiting dad every afternoon and also some evenings, as well as spending much quality time with my mom. As much as I adore being with my family, my heart misses Japan terribly. We love our friends and work there, and we are so thankful to God for the privilege to live in Tohoku.

In God’s timing, we will return to Ishinomaki and continue our work there. As we wait, I remind myself of a verse from the Bible:  “Be still in the presence of the LORD, and wait patiently for him to act.”