Yes, I am indeed still in New Jersey – it’s been two months since I arrived back in my hometown. I haven’t written in a very long time mainly because my life has been rather uneventful for a while. Aside from Christmas festivities, I’ve been very busy caring for my parents which is truly a full-time job! Dear Matthias joined me for the holidays and we celebrated his 30th birthday together the day before he returned to Japan. It’s truly a miracle that he was here with me for this birthday, because his flight was cancelled and rescheduled twice!

I hope to return to Japan in two weeks or so. I am deeply thankful that I’ve had this precious time with my parents during the holidays. We’ve made a lot of sweet memories together as a family and weathered some difficult moments as well. I’ll definitely try to post photos from my trip once Matthias uploads them. As much as I love being with my family, I SOOO look forward to being back in Japan and seeing our friends there!