We’re in Nagoya! I lived here during 2008-2009 and it’s been nice to see a few old friends. Matthias and I made the long 11-hour drive from Ishinomaki to Nagoya (almost 500 miles) on Friday and Saturday. We came for a meeting and are going back to Ishinomaki tomorrow. Here are just a few photos from our short but fun and busy trip:

Our friend Michelle is quite a lady! She is only 25 but has already passed the highest level of the national Japanese Proficiency test. She is JET English teacher in several public schools and and we’re excited to see what plans God has for her.

Visiting my former English student in her home! We had a great visit with her and her cute little daughter. (I loved her teeny anpanman slippers.)

We visited the Japanese church that I attended during my 18 months in Nagoya. My sweet friend Ayako had a baby boy and he was so cute that I held him every chance I could get.

Dinner with a sweet family – they are Japanese but the daughter is named Ribeka (Rebecca) and the son is named Joshua!

Kana and I were in the same German class in Berlin! She is so young and full of life and we are excited for her future. She treated us to Krispy Kreme donuts – wish we had one in Ishinomaki!

Hanging out with German young people at the Hope Youth Center in Inazawa

It’s been a fun past few days but I am looking forward to getting back to Ishinomaki. By the way, the characters of Ishinomaki (石巻) literally translate to “rock and roll.” 🙂