Right now my life is quiet…it will be a bit more hectic starting Monday. I will be teaching summer school at ICAN, the International Christian Academy of Nagoya, part-time for six weeks. I am really excited about this! On top of that I will have English classes, Japanese study, inviting folks over for meals, and planning for several trips after summer school ends to Tokyo, Sendai, Fukushima, and Niigata. It’s going to be a great summer, I can feel it!

This week God renewed in me a real joy in being here. I am excited to be able to serve God here in Japan, to be an instrument of His peace in a place where true, lasting peace is almost impossible to find. Anyway, I am really excited about the summer!

Here are a few photos taken recently:

bikini dog

I cannot take credit for this photo  – my friend Kaya snapped this photo of a DOG BIKINI while she was here in Japan. Isn’t this so ridiculous that it’s funny?

me with Elia

I got a haircut last week, went for a bob look. I like it, and it will keep me cool with the sweltering Nagoya heat that is on its way. Here I am with Elia Watanabe, one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen.


Little Elia dancing while we were singing praise songs the other night

me teaching sunday school

Here I am teaching Sunday school with my kids – I was teaching the kids about how sin makes our hearts black. I have the best kids!

matt preaching

Nice photo of my friend Matt Cummings preaching at Nisshin Church this past Sunday

June 2009 Part I 046

My kids English class – such cute children!

June 2009 Part I 050

June 2009 Part I 047

June 2009 Part I 056

With one of my English students, Minami – I’ll be doing a summer activities program with her and another girl – baking, learning Spanish, piano, and doing crafts! I am so excited about that.


Yoshi and Kana – so happy to see them again! Yoshi is holding baby Yoshi – double Yoshi – with proud papa Taka


We had a potluck after ANF on Sunday – here I am with the Browning family and my German friend Matthias.

It’s been a good week! Off to Japanese class in a little while!